Fit Weightless Cooling Dark Tanning Serum

Fit Weightless Cooling Dark Tanning Serum

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Oil Absorbing - Body Deodorizing -Tattoo Protecting

HIM Fit™ is formulated to tan and hydrate men’s stubborn skin while absorbing instantly to avoid excess rubbing or left-over residue. HIM Fit™’s unique cooling indoor/outdoor formula eliminates after-tan odor while protecting the life of your tan and your tattoos. Perfect for the guy on the go! It’s okay to have a bromance with HIM™... we love HIM™ too!

  • Lightweight lotion in a convenient tube. 
  • Cooling agent body refreshers. 
  • Caffeine & Ginkgo skin energizers. 
  • Sensitive skin & body deodorizing formula. 
  • Indoor/Outdoor Formula. 
  • Tamanu Oil. 
  • Tattoo & Color Fade Protecting. 
  • Can be used on face and body.

Fragrance: Oriental Black Cashmere

Product Actions: Tan Enhancer

Product Specs: 8.5 US fl. oz. (251 mL) bottle / 0.5 US fl. oz.