Once Upon a Tan

Once Upon a Tan

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As the story goes… Once upon a Tan™ is a dark tanning cream beyond your wildest dreams. This skin tightening, marshmallow smooth lotion will transform even the most stubborn dry skin into a touchably luminous cloud 9 feel. The hypoallergenic and sensitive skin formula will keep you touchably soft, tanned and toned beyond what you have ever imagined. Fairytales really do exist!

  • Low amounts of DHA allows for a more natural, bronzed effect
  • MelanoBronze™ - Stimulates melanin activity to allow for longer lasting, darker tanning results
  • Caffeine and Green Tea Extracts - Energize, firm and tighten the skin
  • Cotton & Rice Extract soften and hydrate the skin without added irritation
  • Hypoallergenic formula suitable for all skin types

Fragrance: Soft & Fresh

Action: Tan Enhancer, Bronzer