Resting Beach Face Flawless Facial Bronzer

Resting Beach Face Flawless Facial Bronzer

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What’s wrong? Are you okay? Yes, I am just suffering from Resting Beach Face. The lounging in a beach chair, looking lovely, calm and super relaxed with a complexion so radiant and bronzed. This lightweight formula provides all day moisture while reducing facial redness for a smoother, softer glow. Just remember, stress gives you wrinkles Resting Beach Face Facial Bronzer will keep you looking your best, so you can be the envy of all the beaches.

Features & Benefits:
• DHA plus Natural Bronzers help smooth uneven skin tones while covering minor imperfections for a more radiant, flawless complexion
• Licorice Extract is a powerful anti-inflammatory that helps control redness for a smoother, softer, even tan. • Hydrating Yangu Oil helps hydrate, protect and retain firm, moisturized skin.
• Apple Fruit Extract helps to renew and revive skin’s healthy radiance.

Additional Selling Points:
• Aloe Vera
• Vitamins A, C and E
• Orange Peel Extract
• Paraben Free
• Odour Shield Technology

Fragrance: Tropical Paradise
Size: 59.1ml